Micro Loans - Helping people help themselves

07/12/2017 04:19 pm ET

While there are many people that can manage in life, successfully finding the needed resources in order to develop a project and start a business, there are still very many that barely have enough to enjoy a decent living. Things like this occur all the time in the third world countries, where people literally struggle to make a living. Among these people, there are a lot of people that may have great ideas for a business, having both the will and desire to work hard, but lacking the needed resources. In many of these cases, people need very small amount of money to make their projects come to life. However awkward it may seem, in third world countries it is very hard to find resources, even when it comes to borrowing small amounts of money.

Helping people starting their own business
Helping people starting their own business

This is where micro loans come into the scene. Micro loans are the ideal small loans people living in the third world countries can benefit from, so they can have a chance at making their ideas and their projects into viable activities that can ensure them and their community a decent living. Dr. Georg Kraus CEO of a German Change Management consultancy firm (K&P), professor at different universities and author of many books has been involved in this particular sector since 2011. The company provided micro loans through the website Kiva to 4378 projects so far, helping a considerable number of people to enjoy a big change in their lives. In Dr. Georg Kraus’s opinion, the women of the third can product significant changes, through their desire to improve their living, to help others through their work, and their dedication towards everything they do.

If you are wondering for what people need these micro loans, you should know that they request this money to develop a small local business or activity that can product positive changes in the way they live. With other word, they get a micro loan so they can product something that will help them earn a bit more and allow them to have a better life overall. It is very hard to turn some ideas into something that can actually change your life when you don’t find the right support. The reason Dr. Kraus decided to support woman in third world countries was to help people to help themselves. So by providing the helping hand they need to get started, he makes sure that people will manage to help themselves afterward. It is his way of contributing to the creation of a better world.

All you need to know about micro loans.
All you need to know about micro loans.

You may wonder why he isn’t making a donation instead of providing micro loans, if he wishes to create a better world. Well, as you may know already, money is not an inexhaustible resource. If you don’t find a way to create a circuit in which money goes out but also comes in, your business will stop functioning very soon. Through providing micro loans, which are very easy to manage by anyone that benefits from them, Dr. Kraus makes sure that his company will be able to help many other people in the coming years as well. His company is been doing this since 2011, due to this system, and it is not going to stop now. There are still a lot of people living in third world countries that may use such a help to make the changes they desire in their lives. Also, through a micro loan, people won’t have to feel guilty or embarrassed for the financial help they receive. Once they will get started and product income on their own, they will be able to pay the loan back in a convenient manner, without any risks involved for their activity and project.

This company shows all of us that we need to give these people some credit, because they can make things happen, they can change the way they live, with the right support. Micro loan are the perfect financial solution for them, because it does not represent a burden they can’t carry, while allowing them to make their ideas part of their daily reality. It is not anyone’s fault that they were born in an environment and country that can’t offer them too much help, being condemned to live a life that is not offering a decent amount of comfort and security. It is even sadder that these people are willing and more than ready to work hard to get what they want, the lack of finances being the only impediment in their way towards achieving their desired goals.

There is a saying that one should not stretch his arm further than his sleeve will reach, to make sure not to take more than one can handle. Well, these micro loans respect this statement, giving people exactly what they need, but not more than they can handle. This is why all the projects supported by micro loans are successful and people can enjoy the desired change in their lives. The purpose of micro loans is not to make someone’s life harder, but to help people carve the life they want for themselves by getting the help they haven’t manage to find just yet. By providing a helping hand to the people that really needed, there is a change to abolish poverty in time and grant everyone the chance to lead a decent life. Micro loans are the way to go, as Kiva website showed us so far. While some people take loans to enjoy more comfort and luxury in their lives, through bigger houses and new cars, some people in various corners of the world need a loan, even a very small one, to secure their future and have a decent amount of comfort. Even if life is not fair with all of us, we can make a change by getting involved.

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