Rohil Talks With Brown Kids Humour: Clickbaiting, Masturbating & Exposing YouTubers

07/26/2017 12:00 am ET Updated Jul 26, 2017
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Rohil Aniruth
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Shane Shaji is an emerging comedian and the creator behind, fast growing YouTube channel, Brown Kids Humour — with over 80,000 subscribers. We had a chat about his start, YouTube culture and the future of the platform.

R: How'd you get into YouTube? Who were you watching, when did you upload your first video?

S: I started YouTubing way back in 2008, I remember my friend showing me the website for the first time -- NigaHiga’s “How to be Gangster” was the first ever video I watched on YouTube. I would literally watch that video on loop with my friends and laugh during every minute of it. Ever since that day I’ve been hooked.

I uploaded my first ever video on July 2008, my friends and I were so inspired by NigaHiga that we decided to make a video ourselves called “funny play” it’s on YouTube till this day on my friend's channel, probably the best video I’ve made up till now. 

R: Your current videos center around comedic commentary on the more ridiculous members of the YouTube community - why these videos? What got you involved in this genre? 

S: I used to watch a lot of the commentary channels way before I started making my own. I felt like every commentator was criticizing the exact same YouTubers, saying the exact same things — just in different words. It always used to be someone who we could all easily hate on. Nobody really took risks back then.

On the other hand, I started to criticize ‘story-time’ YouTubers who everyone loved and started “questioning” their stories. I knew my first few videos would end up flooding with dislikes but as I kept uploading it gradually got better.

R: Most embarrassing/cringy video you've made?

S: My most embarrassing video would be a video of me complimenting PewDiePie for 8-minutes straight. The funny part is that I made that video hoping for PewDiePie to watch it, ended up getting around 200 views and a good amount of dislikes. Clearly, people had differences of opinion.

R: When did you notice your views start to come up, which was the video that sparked the growth?

S: My channel started to really grow after I made a video exposing a YouTuber called Simplynessa15. Back then she was popping and I used the word “exposed” which was really eye-catching in the YouTube world. I grew from 1000 subs to 20,000 subs in the span of 2 months, so I really need to thank Simplynessa15 for faking her stories.

R: How do you pick a topic for a video?

S: By far the hardest part of creating a video. Luckily, in most occasions, it comes naturally but there are times where I had to seriously force it out. HAH FECES JOKE. Those videos usually end up getting privated due to how terrible they are.

R: Has there been a video you were nervous to put out due to a fear of fan backlash?

S: I’d probably say exposing Simplynessa15 the second time — not because of the amount of negative comments I’d get from her fans but the fact that people would get bored of it.

R: Have any YouTubers gotten angry at you, or tried to take down your content?

S: SIMPLYNESSA15 HAHA! The first video I made on her got a copyright claim in less than an hour, didn’t realize until a month after.

When someone copyright claims your video they get all the revenue you've made on that specific video. Back then I had no idea how to report a false copyright claim so I just let it slide due to how little I made. Now the video has over 200,000 views and I can gladly say that I have a lot more knowledge about copyright claims/strikes than before. 

R: Do you see yourself moving away from commentary and entering a narrative-driven format like short films and series?

S: I don’t think I’ll ever be that productive or patient to make short films or series. I think I’ll just stick with creating shitty C-grade videos in my room for the time being, although, I would love to be a part of a short film or series some day. I love acting but I know for a fact that I have a long way to go.

R: The dumbest ass thing on YouTube right now, in terms of genre? 

S: SPINNING A FIDGET SPINNER FOR 24-HOURS! Anything that is related to the 24-hour challenge is THE WORST. Firstly 99% of them don’t go through with the challenge. They try to trick their viewers by putting loops in between the video to seem like they're, spinning a fidget spinner for 24 hours. Secondly, they put an AD every two minutes so that they can suck all the revenue out of their 12-year-old demographic. IT’S TIME TO STOP.

R: YouTube has had so many different layouts and designs, which was your favorite?

S: I don’t mind the current YouTube layout but, it’s nowhere near as cool as the old layout where you were able to have your own custom banner and custom background after you became a YouTube partner. 

R: Do you pay close attention to the YouTube "Algorithm'"? Where do you predict the future of the site going?

S: Not as much as I should be. Whatever information I get is from Keemstar or H3H3, I don’t really spend individual time on it. I really want to say that the future of YouTube is looking good but I honestly have no idea. I mean content on YouTube is getting worse and worse by the day, all the good creators post videos every other month and I feel like inspiration is getting scarce OR we’re getting inspired by the wrong people.

R: Favorite and least favorite YouTube trend?

S: YouTube trends are generally really bad. Last year reaction videos were trending worldwide because it requires little to no effort and you get millions of views, therefore, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. For example, Jinx is a reaction YouTuber who blew up because of the amount of reaction videos he made on popular videos, videos that took creators probably months or even years to create. 

If you look at his channel now, he's getting less than 20,000 views on a video out of his 1.7 million subscribers. I guess people came to the realization that watching reaction videos is boring and lacks creativity? I dunno. But other than that I think snorting condoms through your nose and pulling it out of your mouth was a great trend and shouldn't have stopped.

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R: What is the greatest anime of all time?


R: Who is your dream collab?

S: HowToBasic. You’ll totally get me once you’ve watched one of his videos.

R: What is your process, how long does it take to get a video out, how do you plan out what you're going to say?

S: It really depends on my mood haha. At times, I'm able to record, edit and post a video in 2-3 days. But I usually like to take my time, around 1-2 weeks, because I want to enjoy the whole process. 

I generally jot down my main points on a piece of paper and just improvise. Although, recently I've been getting into writing scripts considering the amount of skits I've been experimenting with.

R: What are you using to edit? Also, do you go into the editing process with a plan or do you kind of just wing it and see what conveys the content the best?

S: I edit with Sony Vegas and After Effects. I usually wing majority of the editing but, whenever I have ideas I jot it down on a piece of paper so that I can skim through them when I’m editing, whether it’s the background music or something as simple as a cut in a video.

R: #ClickbaitAndMasterbate ??? 

S: That’s my mantra. Undoubtedly, should be yours too.

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R: You have fans now, or at the very least, a dedicated audience — what's it been like adjusting to viewer expectations?

S: It has been easier than I expected. Luckily, whatever video idea they're suggesting — I'm probably in the process of making it or it's a video I've been wanting to make. Even if I don't go through making a video they've recommended, they're pretty damn chilled about it. 

R: Do you feel a certain level of pressure or responsibility being one of the only brown dudes making 'alt' comedy on the site?

S: I feel like I still haven't reached the point where I'm big enough to feel any sort of responsibility, I have time to make mistakes.

R: How many hentai tabs are currently open in your browser? 

S: I would be lying if I said less than 3.

R: As an up-and-coming YouTuber, has the site really gone to shit like everyone is saying? Are you being censored, are your ads getting messed with?

S: I wouldn't say the site has gone to shit but it's definitely heading towards it, especially for the creators who make more "edgy" content. Either the CPM rate plateaus or they're unable to monetize their videos, which sucks for the people who do this full time. I feel like the communication between YouTube and the creators is trash. They always surprise us with the changes. 

Remember the sudden change in the algorithm? Remember the sudden change in the layout? Remember YouTube heroes? What the actual fuck was that!?

My ads are definitely getting fucked with. I'd say almost half of my videos are demonetized. Half of it is my own fault for using copyrighted music and the other half being false copyright claims. It's all good. I don't do it for the mula... I do it for the likes and subscribers. 

R: When is that sweet-ass merch going to drop?

S: I've been making designs behind the scenes but I don't think I'll be releasing merch anytime soon.

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R: Where is the line for your content? What is totally off-limits in your videos?

S: If you’ve watched my videos before, I joke about everything, I can’t upload a video without offending at least one of my viewers but I’d say making fun of hentai would be totally off limits, really gets my blood boiling. 

R: What is the ultimate goal, what are you looking to achieve with your videos?

S: I guess just to keep entertaining and never get bored of creating content on YouTube. Other than that, I want to take over YouTube one day and create my own religion.

 R: One thing you want to say to your viewers/other up and coming YouTubers?

S: To my loyal viewers, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for putting up with my shit. I’m glad that we have a similar sense of humor. To the up and coming YouTubers — I’d say to just clickbait as much as you can, as long as you are creating good content.

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