3 Reasons Why I LOVE This Free Email Tracking Tool

11/15/2017 09:28 pm ET

I’m sure we’ve all been there. You send an email to someone, and it left you wondering whether he or she read your email.

If you’re a sales rep, your day probably goes like this: you send a proposal to a prospect and haven’t heard back in days. Not knowing whether they read your email is driving you nuts. When you start Googling for the best way to follow-up without being overbearing (which I did when I was doing sales), you’re likely to find all kinds of opinions that make you more indecisive on when to follow-up.

Similarly, if you’re emailing a love poem to your crush (who still does that?), you’re left to wonder: “Why am I not hearing back? Was it too corny? Or maybe she just deleted my email without opening???”

If you’re like me, that feeling of anxiety only worsens the longer you don’t hear back.

I had to live with this anxiety until my friend Will Cheung told me about his ContextSmith Email Tracker. Will created this plugin because he used to be in enterprise sales and customer success, and email trackers became indispensable in building better client relationships. However, he created this tool not because there’s a shortage of email tracking tools, but because he got sick of paying one for his entire sales team. He thinks there are others like him out there, so he decided to share it with the world.

For me, here are the reasons why I LOVE ContextSmith:

Not Just Forever Free, But Also Unlimited Tracking

Unlike other free email tracking tools, ContextSmith provides unlimited tracking. That’s right. No matter how many emails you send, you pay them zip! And yes, ContextSmith promises that it’ll stay free, forever, because they know there are others like them who are also too cheap to pay for such an important email add-on.

This is the top reason why I prefer ContextSmith. Other free email tracking tools caps tracking at a certain number of emails (numbers vary). To me, those just feel like cellular data plans. I mean, do you really want to track how many emails you send before you have to start paying? I’m guessing no.

Number of Opens, Device Used, and Geo-Location

On top of unlimited tracking, you can see surprising (sometimes creepy) details on how your emails were opened:

  • How many times your emails were opened (with a time stamp)
  • What device (mobile or desktop) opened the email and on what network
  • Where the email was opened, geographically, if the email was opened on a mobile device
<em>ContextSmith Email Tracking gave me surprising details on how my email was opened.</em>
ContextSmith Email Tracking gave me surprising details on how my email was opened.

Although knowing the information provided can be borderline creepy, they have proven to help sales teams build better relationships with clients and prospects. For instance, with geo-tracking, sales can gauge whether their prospect was on vacation and can perhaps use it as a conversation starter.

On a personal note, if you do email love poems to your crush, maybe you’ll find out that your crush has already opened your email 30 times over the past 5 days. She probably loves it, but just didn’t know how to respond to you!

Social Profile Links (Free) and Salesforce Integration (Paid)

On top of all these, ContextSmith will provide links to the person’s social profiles on the web (free) and link your inbox with your Salesforce account if you use one for work (for a fee).

I’ll be honest. If you know everything about your contacts already, this feature is a little redundant. But, if you’re prospecting or trying to learn something new about your contacts, the social profile links are invaluable.

<em>ContextSmith Email Tracker also provides links to your contact’s social profile and more.</em>
ContextSmith Email Tracker also provides links to your contact’s social profile and more.

Lastly, there’s the Salesforce Integration for professional users. Personally, this doesn’t benefit me, but I’m just throwing it out here.

Final Note

Just remember that this email tracking tool is a Chrome Extension. Emails must be sent from (1) your Gmail account using (2) your Google Chrome browser for email tracking to work. Once it does, you’d be amazed at what it can track.

For me, it totally removed the anxiety that I used to have. I certainly hope it can do the same for you!

You can download ContextSmith’s Free Email Tracking Chrome Extension at the Chrome Webstore or on ContextSmith’s website.

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