Federal Employees Deserve Better than Anti-Government Rhetoric

08/23/2017 11:28 am ET

Federal employees who work to serve the public interest and reflect policies of democratically-elected officials deserve better than demagoguery.

Yet a recent New York Times column, “When Brokers Want to Move Your Money Out of a Very Good Thing,” by Ron Lieber, played upon uninformed anti-government rhetoric to make otherwise worthwhile points about protections for retirement savers.

Lieber flippantly blames “our friends in the federal government” for a regulatory rollback of protections for retirement savers. This confuses hardworking civil servants – of whom 85 percent live outside the metro-DC area – with political decision-makers. Lieber also conflates an agency engaging in law enforcement, the Securities and Exchange Commission, with administration policy-making through the Department of Labor.

It is unfortunate that Lieber takes cheap shots at civil servants and military members to argue for extending greater protections for retirement savings or better retirement plan options to all Americans. Public servants support the same things. We don’t want special treatment – we want fair treatment for all. Tearing us down does not aid those saving for retirement and does nothing more than provide a distracting narrative.

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