American Jewish Congress Statement on Devastation of Texas By Hurricane Harvey

08/31/2017 12:16 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2017

The American Jewish Congress offers our thoughts and prayers to all of those displaced and affected by Hurricane Harvey! This terrible disaster has done irreparable harm to thousands of Americans living along the coast.

Harvey has dumped more than 15 trillion tons of water on the Texas and Louisiana coastline leaving thousands temporarily homeless.

The American Jewish Congress offers our support to the people of Texas and Louisiana. The time is now for us to come together to support those affected by the hurricane. 

The city of Houston has been struck hardest by this unimaginable disaster. Floods, broken levies, and monstrous rainfall have uprooted this proud city. 

The people of Texas and Louisiana need our prayers and support. We hope you will join with us in standing with us and helping our brothers and sisters in their plight.

Jack Rosen, President - American Jewish Congress

Dr. Munr Kazmir, Vice President - American Jewish Congress

Dr. Ben Chouake, Secretary - American Jewish Congress

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