Stop Making Excuses For Melania

08/31/2017 06:08 pm ET

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There was major uproar over the past few days regarding the shoes worn by First Lady Melania Trump as she and the president went to Houston to show support for the relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey.

Some have suggested that those who are upset over a choice in wardrobe might be getting a little carried away. Personally, however, I think the criticism is very much warranted and anybody who disagrees is just trying to curry favor with the president and his minions.

Those who seek to deflect from the awful sin of wearing heels and a FLOTUS hat are simply sexists who refuse to judge a woman by the same standards as a man. Of course wearing those fancy, expensive items was awful and anybody who doesn’t see this as a legitimate issue is simply using that as a shield to hide their own sexism.

This isn’t just some talking point. These wardrobe choices matter! And shame on anybody who thinks this is merely silly and petty and is not a legitimate concern. If Melania Trump cannot be trusted to dress properly for an occasion as important as this, then what CAN we trust her to do? Can a First Lady actually be forced to resign? If so, it may be an avenue worth exploring.

Truthfully, the choice of shoes was so tone-deaf that it makes me wonder if perhaps it was done intentionally. Maybe it was some sort of secret signal to the Russians who hacked our elections to make her husband win.

Wouldn’t even surprise me if Putin himself picked out the outfit for Melania himself. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time Trump colluded with the Russians.

Now, that I think about it, if Putin did pick out that outfit for Melania, then she should probably be put on trial for treason. After all, she is Russian.

Wait a second. Now it all makes sense. Melania is a KGB agent who “honey trapped” Donald Trump and has been secretly working to get him elected president so that she can take the United States down from the inside! She probably has all kinds of legitimate dirt to blackmail him with, too!

This is obviously treason.

I guess that settles it: we have no choice but to start impeachment hearings for Melania right away.

But we can’t stop there. Treason is punishable by death.

So we should probably get the guillotine ready.

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