Pray For Those Who Will Be Affected By Irma

09/08/2017 03:11 pm ET

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Yet another deadly hurricane – this time “Irma” - is in the process of sweeping through the Florida and the Caribbean as we speak, with projections that it could do historically terrible damage.

I have property in Florida and I travel there a lot for both business and pleasure. Much like Hurricane Harvey, the damage Irma will do in Florida and the Caribbean when it is all said and done is going to be heartbreaking.

And living in New Jersey, I obviously had a ringside seat for the destruction that occurred during Hurricane Sandy. That was one of the most horrific weather occurrences I have ever seen, and many people I know personally lost everything.

Much like Texas Governor Greg Abbot and Louisiana Governor John Edwards before him, Florida Governor Rick Scott has his hands full and I am praying for him. I am also, it should go without saying, praying for everybody caught up in this hurricane.

I will say, though, that I am encouraged by Governor Scott’s strong leadership thus far as he seems to be ahead of the curve on preparation for the fallout of the storm. And, politics aside, the federal government under President Trump did an excellent job handling Hurricane Harvey and I am optimistic they can do the same with Irma.

Once again, we must come together as Americans and human beings to help those who will desperately need it in the aftermath. Godspeed to all. I will be praying for you, and I hope everybody else is, too.

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