Congratulations To New Ambassador To Italy Lew Eisenberg

09/12/2017 04:33 pm ET

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Congratulations to my good friend Lew Eisenberg on becoming the United States’ new Ambassador to Italy.

I have known Lew and he has always been someone that has inspired me. He was a hard-working, successful businessman before becoming chair of the New Jersey Commission on Privatization and Competitive Contracting in 1994 under Governor Christie Todd Whitman. That job began Lew’s long foray into politics, which also included becoming National Finance Chairman for the RNC and President National Co-Chairman, and National Finance Chairman for McCain/Palin in 2008.

Along the way, Lew has become one of my closest friends and somebody who has helped guide my own philosophy.  I always tell people that the two biggest political influences on me were Ronald Reagan and Lew Eisenberg.  I’ve seen him be a terrific leader and a positive influence in his community and he is the type of person that I can honestly say I would trust with not only my own life, but the lives of my children.

I could not be prouder of Lew or happier for the United States that they chose such a great and well-qualified man for this job.  I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life than the fact that Lew will be an excellent Ambassador to Italy.

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