Music Review: “Find Me A New Way” – Effervescent Pop Rock From Austin David

09/19/2017 09:13 am ET
Photo Credit: Austin David

Austin David recently released “Find Me A New Way.” Now living in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California, Austin originally hails from the chilly state of Michigan. Stylistically, Austin combines elements of pop, rock and soul, blending them into a musical concoction that defies categorization to a single genre.

“Find Me A New Way” starts off with a breezy bright guitar and a funky groove emanating flavors of electronic dance music and reggae. The crisp staccato percussion adds rhythmic zest to the tune, while the skanking guitars deliver a shimmering reggae tang. A whistling synth emerging from the backdrop complements the melody by infusing the song with a luminous radiance contrasting against the buoyant melody. Scintillating background vocals, rife with reggae and hip hop sonority, integrate sonic layers of colorful pyrotechnics, spraying a pigment of hues across the panorama.

Austin’s voice emanates a delicious spark of contagious energy and joy, complementing the radiant background vocals with a simmering display of impulsive, spontaneous hormonal exuberance. It’s a dulcet tenor exuding proximate coruscations of stylish flair and vivacity.

The lyrics of “Find Me A New Way” relate the feeling of spiritual, psychological and physical emancipation associated with change. Essentially, Austin is saying failure is tragic, but a glum face hanging over the cup of the future is worse. So dismiss the passive approach and make a change. The bizarre multiplicity of the new will prove the old existence was drab and colorless. There’s a bright, joyous sense of imminence to Austin’s lyrics as he sings imperturbably about the prospect of change.

“Doing it forever / But I ain’t done shit / F**ked up I’m a Michigan kid / I’m alone and it’s dark and scary / Torn up like Marvin Harry.” And the rousing chorus: “So find me a new way to lose now / I need the misery.”

The video portrays the same ebullience and optimistic outlook as the song. It opens with Austin seated, reading a copy of Rolling Stone magazine with his photo on the front cover. The setting appears to be a dude ranch, but it could be located in any part of the world. Austin tosses the magazine aside and strolls to the horse paddock, where three cowgirls dressed in outfits cut a rug on the dirt. Revelers invade the paddock, scattering feathers everywhere. Austin and the cowgirls get in a convertible and drive to a mansion, where more dancing occurs. The cowgirls rip off his clothes, revealing Austin dressed in a bright floral shirt and shorts. The revelers again invade, spraying bubbles and feathers. The video cuts to Austin walking to a resort area on a Caribbean island, where more dancing takes place before a swimming pool. As the tune ends, Austin falls back into the pool, arms upraised.

The video creates an image of buoyant happiness that is emphasized by the bubbly, cheerful music. Viewers simply cannot watch the video without gaining a new happy, peppy outlook on life.

As a matter of fact, Austin David has it going on! “Find Me A New Way” exudes an audacious visible effulgence of sheer joy. The melody is infectious, the rhythm is cool and cogent, and Austin’s vocals provide just the right flavor of sonic nonchalance. Don’t miss “Find Me A New Way.” It’s a great song.

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