Emerging News Media Website in Saint Louis, MO

10/21/2017 03:16 pm ET

STL.News is an online news publication that publishes news articles including International, national and local St. Louis news, weather and sports.

STL.News' content for International and national news stories is provided through a license agreement between St. Louis Media, LLC and The Associated Press and online press release distribution providers.  

STL.News' content for local news, weather and sports come from a local team of professional, award-winning journalist, many recipients of Emmy and Telly awards such as Kara Savio and Jacqui Poor.

STL.News content can be seen in Google News, Google Newsstand, Bing News, Apple News, News360 and shared to more than 50 social sites including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more.  STL.News is always seeking more online distribution news channels for their content to maximize their online visibility.

STL.News was approved for inclusion into Bing News and Apple News December 2016, approved for inclusion into Google News in February of 2017 and included in Google Newsstand in September 2017.

STL.News began publishing articles June 2016 and since has published more than 6,000 news articles.  

STL.News is built on a WordPress CMS system using a WordPress.org supported theme designed for easy navigation and easy crawling by the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

STL.News is owned by St. Louis Media, LLC, a locally owned web design, website hosting, and SEO firm.  

St. Louis Media, LLC also owns an affiliated site, STLRestaurant.News and is responsible for the design, hosting and management/maintenance of STLRealEstate.News, owned by K Amant, LLC.

Plans for STL.News is to increase the distribution channels, provide press release distribution through the Associated Press and PRNewswire, and increase daily visitor traffic. 

Furthermore, plans of St. Louis Media, LLC are to provide web design services for online news publications, which will include submitting websites for inclusion into Google News, Bing News, Apple News, and News360.  Additional services will include web hosting, SEO and maintenance of the relationships and requirements of the online news channels.

With three news sites approved and operational, St. Louis Media, LLC feels that they have the knowledge, experience, and proof that their online news expertise provides a rare and unique opportunity.

St. Louis Media, LLC has also made internal operational changes which includes moving their own web hosting to dedicated servers onsite to assure that they offer local IP address for faster load times, which will increase website rankings as well as provide better web hosting for local website customers.

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