Get Authentic News about Properties in Saint Louis, MO

10/22/2017 06:07 am ET

K Amant, LLC recently launched STLRealEstate.News, which is an online St. Louis real estate-related news site.  It's news articles can be found on Google News, Bing News, Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles, News360 and shared with more than 50 top-rated social sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and much more.

Content for STLRealEstate.News is provided by the Associated Press, through a license agreement, online press release distribution providers and a team of local journalists.

K Amant, LLC is owned by Mr. Kevin Amant, who also owns a historic floor cleaning company in the St. Louis area known as Amant's Floor Care.  It is the oldest family-owned floor cleaning company in the St. Louis area.  Amant's has been in business since 1969 and founded by Kevin Amant's father, Steven Amant, who has since retired and turned the daily operations and ownership over to Mr. Kevin Amant.

STLRealEstate.News is an affiliate of STL.Properties, which is an online real estate marketing website designed to connect real estate related businesses with consumers in need of real estate relates professionals and service providers.

Features offered on STL.Properties are property listings, perfect for real estate agents, open house listings, again, ideal for real estate agents, blogging, a grand marketing strategy for all types of real estate professionals and most importantly, a directory, which categorizes real estate related professions by their specific niche.

Being a real estate service provider, Mr, Kevin Amant felt that a real estate related referral service that provided more than a name and a phone number was a good idea, so he proceeded with the creation and design using the services of St. Louis Media, LLC, who specializes in news sites.

In addition to publishing news articles, STLRealEstate.News distributes press releases for real estate related professionals and service providers utilizing content distribution channels that it has worked for months to build.

Plans for STLRealEstate.News is to increase the amount of real estate related articles, increase visitor traffic and to secure some of the most influential real estate associated companies in the St. Louis Metro area for sponsorship.

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