05/31/2017 01:53 pm ET

6 Netflix Releases With Black Stars To Watch This June

Clear your schedule.

Can you believe it’s June already? With a new month comes a brand spanking new slate of movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix. And this month, the offering includes an eclectic mix of new and old favorites featuring black stars. 

Yes, a list highlighting shows that just happen to have black actors starring in them might seem superfluous ― but it’s necessary to highlight diversity and the need for more. 

This month, the streaming service is offering up everything from the cinematic classic “Daughters of the Dust” to a electrifying new season of “Orange is the New Black.” 

Check out the list below: 

  • "Catwoman"
    Is "Catwoman" Halle Berry's best movie? Maybe not. Is it one of her most entertaining? Watch and find out.

    Premieres June 1
  • "Orange is the New Black" Season 5
    The new, super intense season of "OITNB" will pick up right where the last season ended -- in the midst of huge prison riot in which the women of Litchfield are taking matters into their own hands. 

    Premieres June 9
  • "Daughters of the Dust"
    Director Julie Dash's seminal 1991 film is a must-see for cinema lovers (or Beyoncé fans -- the movie inspired sections of "Lemonade"). The film tells the story of a group of Gullah women living on the Sea Islands in the early 1900s.

    Premieres June 10
  • "Scandal" Season 6
    Catch up on all the drama of Olivia Pope and friends in the best way to experience "Scandal" -- in one stressful binge session.

    Premieres June 17
  • "Moana"
    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson voices the great demigod Maui in this delightful family adventure film that features Disney's first Hawaiian princess. 

    Premieres June 20
  • "GLOW"
    Up-and-coming black actresses Kia Stevens, Sydelle Noel and Britney Young star alongside "Community" actress Allison Brie in this 80s comedy drama about women wrestlers in Los Angeles.

    Premieres June 23


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