01/26/2016 11:22 am ET

7 Parents Share Wildly Embarrassing Moments With Kids At Restaurants

Bodily fluids are often involved.

Taking little ones out to eat is no easy feat. And with a captive audience of fellow restaurant-goers, things can get very awkward when, say, your kid throws up all over the table, or makes an announcement about what he did in the bathroom.

We had the talented Martin Bruckner of Spaghetti Toes illustrate a few embarrassing moments that we gathered from our HuffPost Parents community. Check them out below, and know that you're not alone!


<a href="" target="_blank">Spaghetti Toes</a> illustrated this hilariously embarrassing rest
Martin Bruckner/Spaghetti Toes
Spaghetti Toes illustrated this hilariously embarrassing restaurant story, from HuffPost Parents reader Norah Simensen.

2. "My almost-2-year-old threw a piece of meat which landed in someone's plate a few tables over. Thankfully the man was very understanding." -- Danielle Hoffman Goble

3. "When my boys were 5 and 8 years old, we went to one of our favorite local restaurants. My older son had been complaining that he wasn't feeling well, but we ordered anyway. After taking his first bite of his food, he coughed and vomited all over the table, filling his bowl and my husband's. There was a large group of nurses sitting at the table beside us, so luckily the barfarama happening beside them didn't affect them. The waitress was great and didn't charge us for his meal. My younger son was so embarrassed he refused to go back there for months." -- Allison Velders-Campbell

4. "One time I was at a Chinese buffet with a friend when my daughter, just out of the blue, pulled my wig off. I was mortified ... She was 2 years old when this happened!" -- Diana Townsend


Oh boy! <a href="" target="_blank">Spaghetti Toes</a> reimagines this hilarious story from w
Martin Bruckner/Spaghetti Toes
Oh boy! Spaghetti Toes reimagines this hilarious story from when HuffPost Parents reader Lindsay Weckerly went to a restaurant with her family.

6. "My toddler-aged daughter and I were having breakfast at a small town restaurant we frequent, where everyone knows everyone. Her elbow somehow got stuck in the prongs on the back of the chair. Despite using ice, lard, and anything else the employees could think of, we ended up having to call 911. The call went out as a rescue assignment, so we were soon visited by multiple agencies, including several fire companies who had to use the jaws of life to cut apart the metal chair. She had a bruised elbow for a while, but other than that was fine -- despite the town still bringing it up in discussion some 13 years later." -- Karena Backof Curtis

7. "My 16-month-old son projectile vomited all over our table at dinner in a very busy Indian restaurant. We picked him up out of the high chair and he vomited again all over me. Our lovely white table cloth was stained orange and purple and decorated with half-digested blueberries. Most embarrassing moment ever." -- Laura Dignan


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