A Mother's Journey To The Other Side Of Fear!

07/22/2016 02:41 am ET

I had my fears, I had my weaknesses…

I had my doubts, I had my insecurities...

I ignored some, I fought some, I ran from many and I hid from a few.

But now my fears are a whole lot real…

weaknesses are of a different kind…

doubts that can fade all confidence and

insecurities that keep growing…

The difference is, I can’t run away, hide or ignore them anymore because now (as a mother, as a parent) I have a lot more at stake and so much to lose if I give in.

They may have prevailed so far but not any longer because now I have something more precious inside me, its my reason for existence and its stronger than any of these emotions - it’s the mightiest of all feelings, it’s a MOTHER’S LOVE for her child!

I think that’s all I need to turn my weaknesses and doubts into courage & faith - courage to fight all fears and faith (in myself) to wash away all insecurities.

It seems challenging but I have no option.

I have to vanquish my own demons, I need to triumph over my own limitations and I must pacify my worries before I can give my son his best chance at a good life, the ultimate gift of hope and the strength to deal with this unforgiving world.

So, for him I will conquer and rise above them all to make the journey on the other side of fear…I promise!

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