A Pledge to Finish Off America

For thirty years, we have lived under the Reagan philosophy of "trickle down" economics. Bill Clinton made only marginal, around the edges changes -- he too was a corporatist. So, after thirty years, we have a huge economic disparity -- the richest 20% of America controls almost 84% of the wealth. What's worse, it's the MINDSET that has permeated America - we are told that we should all think our interests are in line with the rich. We need to challenge this frontally. President Obama promised fundamental change. It did not happen.

For reasons we can debate, blame the President or not, America seems to be headed back into the arms of the Republicans. The corporations are giddy at the prospect of "Speaker Boehner" and thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in the Citizen's United case, unlimited money is now pouring into this election cycle, without even disclosure as to who is paying the bills for the propaganda.

What's more, the Republicans have just published their wrongly named manifesto. It is not "A Pledge To America" it SHOULD be named "A Pledge To Finish Off America" as that is where we are now. Jobs - gone. Middle class - gone. Hope - gone. Change - filibustered into goneness. Democrats too craven to fight.

Sad. Very sad. And a Democratic electorate demoralized and dispirited from keeping the dirty talons of Republicans from the throats of America. It looks like the end of the Empire. I try to get people motivated to vote and it is not happening. After thirty years, they are close to returning us to the days of Upton Sinclair and "The Jungle". This election cycle, they just might finish us off.