Alicia Keys Blames Tweet Sent From iPhone On Hacker

This girl could get fired. (Sorry, couldn't help ourselves.) New BlackBerry creative director Alicia Keys may not have been the best choice for the role, since she can't stop tweeting from her iPhone.

On Monday, less than two weeks after Blackberry announced that the singer would be joining the company during the BlackBerry 10 launch event, she tweeted a Drake lyric from her iPhone instead of from a BlackBerry device, the tech blog Pocket-lint pointed out.

alicia keys iphone

The incriminating evidence, via Pocket-lint

Eight hours later, likely realizing her betrayal of BlackBerry, Keys deleted the offending tweet and wrote, "What the h*ll?!!!! Looks like I've been hacked... I like @Drake but that wasn't my tweet :-("

Sure, maybe Keys was actually hacked, but why would a hacker just post a song lyric? A Blackberry spokesperson told CNBC that "Alicia Keys no longer has an iPhone."

Before being hired by BlackBerry, Keys made a habit of tweeting from her iPhone. She will still need another phone to post to Instagram, as she likes to do, since BlackBerry 10 still lacks an Instagram app.



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