11/18/2014 04:28 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2014

Allison Janney Wants Her Real-Life Arguments To Be Like 'The West Wing'

You're not the only one who wishes you could spout off Aaron Sorkin-level dialogue on a daily basis. Just ask Allison Janney.

The actress joined HuffPost Live on Tuesday to chat about her sitcom, "Mom," and host Ricky Camilleri couldn't let her get away without talking about "The West Wing." Janney said she often wishes she could briefly become a wordsmith on par with sharp-tongued press secretary C.J. Cregg.

"You read a Sorkin press briefing that C.J. used to give, or anytime she dressed down someone who was an idiot, the words were delicious, to have those perfect words in your mouth," Janney said. "When I get mad and I want to express myself, I'm like, 'Why can't I have Aaron Sorkin in my head to give me the perfect thing to say?'"

And even though she can't come up with such genius dialogue on her own, Janney said she always knew exactly how to rattle it off on camera.

"I never would ask [Sorkin] any acting questions. I know how to play those women, those smartest-women-in-the-room ladies," she said. "I think I love that because I don't feel like one myself, so when I get to play those women, it is so much fun to inhabit a character like C.J."

Watch Allison Janney look back on "The West Wing" in the video above, and catch her full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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