America, This Election Is Our Wake Up Call

The United States 2016 presidential election is one that will go down in history. The morning after ushered in a somber shock wave of sadness and disbelief to so many Americans who are left grief stricken and furious, with no pill powerful enough to swallow that will ease the reality bomb nightmare they have awakened and found themselves trapped inside of.

On the other side of the spectrum, this is a massive victory, bigger than the Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series, and is an outright celebration of the first steps to taking down the establishment and towards truly making America great again.

With the stunned echo of defeat, grief, and disbelief, punctuated amongst the celebratory cheers of victory for what is considered by some to be a monumental historical achievement, the great divide and vast contrast in our country is both palpable and chilling.

While many grieve, others celebrate and rejoice; some protest. Some people feel more neutral and detached, turning to their faith, holding a larger spiritual perspective, with the intention of the powerful light on this planet piercing through the dense fog of fear.

Wherever you are on this spectrum, there is no one “right” way to be or feel about this.

However being authentic and honest about what we are personally experiencing, and doing it in a way that also honors and respects the people around us as well, is important. No matter what our differences may be, our shared humanity is far greater.

The truth is we are ALL clearly in need of some deep emotional and spiritual healing; and the way I see it, everyone could most definitely use a hug.

This election has served a purpose in awakening our consciousness on many levels. It has pulled back the curtain, revealing the darkest and most bleak aspects of the consciousness of our country.

It has exposed chaos, corruption, elite agendas, fraud, racism, bigotry, misogyny, lies, fear, and hatred; igniting blazing piles of hidden secrets, bringing the underbelly of gross ugliness out into the open and illuminating the distortions and dissonance, for all to witness. Unfortunately, it often takes a large wake up call for people to pay attention and wake the f*ck up to what is really going on behind the scenes.

We have been shown the deep pain filled truth of what happens when people feel suppressed, stifled, without a voice, and unheard.

We are seeing what happens when people cannot stomach choosing between the lessor of two evils, and instead choose to stand for change, by choosing neither option, and allowing the chips to fall as they may. We are seeing what happens when people are pissed off enough to not vote, or to vote against someone they dislike, as there is no one they want to vote FOR. We are seeing what happens when people choose to honor their own values, over being bullied or pressured into making a choice out of fear.

In all this, the explosion we are now seeing represents not only the damage and distress of a nation divided and in fear, but of a world in need of some major healing and energetic repair.

This election is our wake up call to do just that.

It is a call to action: To heal, both our personal and our collective wounds. To awaken the consciousness of the entire planet. To come together in union as one humanity. To be and give voice to the powerful light we each hold.

As the old paradigm crumbles, we have an amazing opportunity to face and address the real issues, and to examine how we ended up here.

Because this is no fluke or accident. We are seeing a direct external expression of the collective consciousness, which ironically does play out like a really bad reality TV show.

Regardless of whom you voted for, I think most of us can agree that our political system has been, and is, corrupt and broken at its core.

This entire election circus has showcased this with flying colors. Our country getting Trumped is a huge wake up call that has profoundly shaken many people, who never believed this could ever happen.

As the energy of this reality bomb continues to ripple into the collective consciousness, the way we show up around it matters.

How do we come to accept something that feels so awful and so wrong?

1. Remember to breathe.

This is a perfect time to practice self-care, meditation, and other methods you use to calm down, relax, and stay grounded. Keep coming back to yourself with love and compassion.

2. Allow yourself the space to feel.

Be authentic, acknowledge and allow whatever you are truly feeling to emerge without judgment.

While it may be tempting to stuff down our emotions, and do things to dull or numb out from the pain, regardless, it’s important to express what we are really feeling. This is a time to be honest and authentic with what is surfacing for us and to recognize the opportunity to heal, on a deep core level.

Be present with what arises for you and be kind to yourself in the process.

3. BE the light.

It’s important to remember that while we honor our authentic process, to let our inner light shine, and to continue to hold the space of love, kindness, trust, and faith, amidst the darkness.

Acknowledge the disappointment, feel the upset, weep, process the grief, and when you are ready, find the blessing. When we stop taking things personally, expand our perspective to see the larger picture, and start doing something useful to advocate for what we do believe in, miracles happen.

This is a wonderful opportunity to stand for what we value and to use our powerful voices to affect the change we’d like to see.

4. Be kind and respectful towards others.

As we honor our own process around this we can also respect that this is not going to look or be the same for everyone. While maintaining our authenticity, we can express ourselves in a way that doesn’t spew our hurt feelings at other people. Directing hatred and anger towards others simply adds to the collective negativity and moves us away from the light and away from the healing we desire. We can feel our emotions and express ourselves, without collapsing into blame, hatefully spewing our negative emotions at others, or allowing fear to swallow us.

This is how we move through the pain in a way that is authentic, productive, graceful, and healing at the same time.

5. Remember you have a choice.

You may not like the outcome. You may feel powerless and like your voice didn’t and doesn’t matter. You may be furious because this is not what you personally chose. Regardless of circumstance, we still get to choose the way we respond and how we show up in the face of adversity.

When things don’t go our way, or the way we think is “right”, can we still come from a place of love and kindness towards others, instead of collapsing into fear or blame?

6. Be the change that you wish to see in the world” - Gandhi

I offer the following call to love for everyone, especially those who are in a paralyzed state of shock, stuck in the vibration of fear, or feeling trapped in a space of hot red anger.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” - Gandhi

This is exactly when we need to remember the spiritual nature of life and the higher purpose that we may not yet see.

For those of us who believe in, practice, and/or teach spiritual principles, this is the time to put our money where our mouths are, to practice the spiritual principles we know as truth, and to stand for what we believe in.

The collective fear is seductive and it can be easy to get sucked in.

It’s time to stop fighting against the corruption, to stop collapsing into fear, and to instead advocate powerfully for the outcome and higher level of consciousness that we desire. We must hold the space of what we stand for.

It’s easy to be spiritual and trust in God or the Universe when life goes our way, or makes sense to our logical minds. But to hold that space no matter what shows up, no matter what the outcome, is how humanity awakens and the collective consciousness shifts. This is how we transform personally and collectively.

Amongst the rubble, there is an opportunity here.

To feel our feelings fully. To hold the space of love. To surrender and trust in a Universe that has our back no matter what the external landscape presents. To flex our spiritual muscles. To be the change we want to see. To find the higher meaning that has yet to come into physical form and to trust that in the often destructive process of awakening consciousness, the old stagnant energy that is being released, makes room for the new energy, the higher level of consciousness, that is emerging.

You may not be able to control who was just elected president, however you CAN choose how you respond, the vibration you hold, and how you act in the aftermath. The choice is yours. Do you choose fear or love?

Be mindful of what you are choosing to hold onto, and be open to releasing what may not be serving your emotional well being. This is all part of what I call, The Alchemy of Awakening.

Diana is a Writer, Psychotherapist, and Emotional Wellness Coach. She sees coaching clients worldwide, via Skype and phone.

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