05/27/2016 01:40 pm ET

This Teen's Tumbling Routine Is Legitimately Ridiculous

Angel Rice's jaw-dropping routines are taking the web by storm.

Angel Rice's high-powered flips and twists have made her a bona fide Internet sensation. 

Her incredible tumbling talents have recently racked up tons of views on Instagram, but she's been at it almost her whole life. The 17-year-old started tumbling at just 3 years old, after her older sister started taking power tumbling classes. Rice's early tumbling classes were taught by her mother to help lower the costs of training two gymnasts at the same time, according to NBC News.  But eventually, Rice's mother started working at an athletic center that offered gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, and tumbling training classes, so Rice started cheering competitively. 

Last year, Rice set the Guinness World Record for performing the most double full twists in one minute. Now, she is part of the USA Gymnastics National Power Tumbling team. The teen said she would love if her viral fame would help people appreciate power tumbling, which she hopes will eventually become an Olympic sport. 

"People are like 'Oh she's just flipping on a mat,'" she said. "But I want to actually get it out there so people know what power tumbling is."

Watch a few of Angel Rice's impressive tumbling routines in the video above.