Are you on the right path?

02/22/2016 03:46 pm ET Updated Feb 20, 2017

Like many of us, you probably ask yourself sometimes if you're on the right path, doing the right things, in the right job or with the right person. Wouldn't it be nice to call up the universe and get the direct answer? I know personally that I would love for someone to just tell me sometimes...That said, we always have the answers inside of us and we can tap into them by not being scared to be honest with ourselves.

What I've learned over the last year is to not be scared to question myself. Confusion actually comes from resisting asking the questions and bottling up the anxiety that comes with being scared of the answer. Asking yourself doesn't mean that you'll have to make an instant drastic decision, it just means that you're giving yourself breathing space to get a little more clarity. What I mean is that if you knew that there were absolutely no repercussions from asking those questions, how would that feel? Free right? You always have the last word on what happens in your life so don't fear the obligation of making a decision right away just because you're allowing yourself to explore potential answers.

Those thoughts, questions and curiosities that you have are yours. You can think them, explore them and imagine them as much as you want in your head. That is your sacred space to explore your life and the potential for your future. Remember that no one hears those thoughts but you, so they are safe to be explored.

In the last year I've given myself full permission to question everything in my life. This has also led me to honour the practice of honesty with myself, which I wasn't doing so much before because I was scared of the answers I would come across. What I realized is that it's the fear of the answer that's more terrifying than the answer itself. When we remember that we have control over our decisions and what our life is going to look like, we can settle into a space of peace because we know that the next thing coming will only happen if we choose it. So even if you're having doubts about something in your life, you still get to choose if and when those changes will happen.

There's magic in asking yourself these honest and normal questions. When we don't we create drama in our heads that leads us to misinformation and to perceive things in a way that is not always real. For example, if you're feeling like you should be questioning your relationship or career path right now but aren't because you're scared of the answer, you're keeping yourself away from really precious wisdom that could give you clarity for a happy future. By resisting asking yourself the question, you're staying in the fear and creating a lot of unnecessary drama by looking to far into the future. Start at the beginning and ask 'What do I need to know today?'. For the rest, it's just about putting one foot in front of the other. By giving yourself permission to ask the question and explore the answers that come up, you're creating space for the truth to be revealed. That truth is there for your happiness. So whatever the answer is, by giving yourself permission to ask, you take away tons of emotional pressure and fear, which then leaves you space to think and feel clearly.

We're here to learn and grow as human beings, so if you're at a point in your life where you think something might need to shift or change, whether in your work, business or relationship, all you're doing is asking life is to tell you what you need to know to move forward and grow into your fullest potential. That doesn't mean things end or change drastically, it could just mean that the landscape of your life could look a little different or priorities might be shifted, when you're ready for it.

Don't fear the evolution of your life. It has a purpose, and that is to make you and everyone else as happy and fulfilled as possible.

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