Are your Secrets slowly Killing you?

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Share your Secrets with me

My daughter was right. Okay, I said it, my daughter was right. Yesterday I mentioned my infant granddaughter resisted falling asleep but quieted to the sound of my voice. I remarked that I was telling her secrets about how I met her granddad. My daughter corrected me and said please don’t use the word secret around her. Whoa, how right she is. Our words matter and I actually was revealing loving stories and not secrets.


I’ve carried secrets around with me that I thought were my fault. Instead of speaking up and acknowledging my feelings, I pushed my emotions down. There were events that I did not want anyone to know about me. These secrets were creating dis-ease in my body. Secrets were holding me back from living the life I was born to live.


I wish I knew about empowerment coaching when my grandmother was alive. Imagine being able to help her release her grief for her son dying from a football injury. She might have avoided eating her grief that potentially caused her to become diabetic. She may have remained fit and actively participated in life instead of becoming a recluse afraid of what people thought of her. This is my interpretation and since my grandmother is no longer with us I will never know the true extent of her suffering.


It was so healing to acknowledge the pain and suffering I was carrying around with me. I didn’t even realize these secrets were weighing me down.  I wasn’t even conscious of my thoughts, but even though my brain forgot – my body remembered.


My goal is to assist women in discovering the secrets that are causing them emotion pain and guiding them to better emotion health to live the life they truly deserve.


Penny Norkett is a Personal Empowerment Coach and an Inspirational Speaker. Penny has assisted many women around the globe to reconnect with their true authentic power.

Penny draws upon her training at the Simply Women Accredited Trainer Institute along with her authentic, positive, and joyful attitude to create a safe environment for her clients. She assists women to manage stress and overwhelm so they can gain clarity, feel confident and step into courage to create a magnificent life with ease and joy.

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