04/25/2016 03:04 pm ET Updated Apr 25, 2016

Ariel Winter Unleashes Her Inner Regina George For Mean Girls Photoshoot

"One time she punched me in the face ... it was awesome."

Ariel Winter has been called a lot of names on social media, but a mean girl isn't one of them. The "Modern Family" actress consistently shuts down body shamers on Instagram, showed Vine star Nash Grier the door over his homophobic comments and proudly revealed her breast reduction scars on the red carpet. 

Despite being our social media hero, Winter was able to easily slip into the skin of some of pop culture's most infamous mean girls for Cosmopolitan, including Regina George and Blair Waldorf. In the video above, Winter channels her inner teen queen to deliver lines like, "Is butter a carb?" and "What's your damage?"

The 18-year-old also shared some exclusive photos from the shoot on her Instagram. Captioned "Dressing up as iconic mean girls was a lot of fun! Thank you @cosmopolitan for such a fun opportunity," Winter is barely recognizable in her various getups.  

Winter said she enjoyed embodying these misunderstood young women because there's a power in subverting their cruelty.

"I'm right now trying to speak out against bullying and people tearing others down, and I love that I got to play these characters and trump them in a sense," she told Cosmo. "I got to overtake them. What they do is not right — and I'm above it." 



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