Aunt Carol Dances To Usher 'You Make Me Wanna' (VIDEO)

This will make you wanna... something.

Maybe submit your own video to the growing catalogue of Grandmas-dancing-to-hits? Who's got the smoothest Grandma, everyone! It's the kind of thing YouTube memes are made of.

But Aunt Carol is some tough competition for your Grams. She's pretty smooth and she actually does a decent job of emulating the style of the actual "You Make Me Wanna" video.

According to YouTuber JimmyButtable, Aunt Carol memorized the moves herself and decided to put on a little performance in "grandma's kitchen using grandma's bathtub chair." We're just thankful someone had a camera.

It could only be better if she went up against Usher himself. That would probably be a welcome break from his current ongoing battle.