Author Azar Nafisi: Literary Works We Disagree With Shouldn't Be Censored

"If you get traumatized reading a book," says best-selling author Azar Nafisi, "how will you live?"

If a piece of literature makes you uncomfortable or causes controversy, trying to censor that work, said best-selling author Azar Nafisi, is a "very close step to tyranny."

For example, we need to discuss people like Hitler "because you need to understand him," she said in an interview with HuffPost Live. Nafisi explained why schools and educators shouldn't censor literary works that may be perceived as contentious. 

"If you get traumatized reading a book, how will you live?" Nafisi said. "How will you live with ISIS? How will you live with mass shootings? How will you live with NRA? These are the questions that our children ... should face."

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