05/12/2017 01:22 am ET

Badass Baby Buffalo Scares The Bejeezus Out Of Elephant

Back off, elephant!

Nobody puts baby buffalo in a corner. 

A video from South Africa’s Kruger National Park shows a little buffalo not only standing up to an elephant, but getting the larger animal to hightail it backward.

“As soon as the young buffalo caught [a] glimpse of the elephant, he charged towards him and had the ellie pedaling backward and trumpeting,” tourist Andrew Cohen, who filmed the encounter, told

It’s not clear if the elephant was actually intimidated by the little calf or more concerned about the larger mother buffalo watching nearby. In any case, none of the animals appeared to have been injured in the confrontation.

“Initially, we were shocked because we thought the calf was going to be crushed by the elephant,” Cohen was quoted as saying. “But as it all unfolded, our emotions turned to laughter because of the fact that the elephant just wanted to get away from this little guy.”

Check it out above.  



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