Belgian Princess Damages Prime Minister’s Hearing In Starter Gun Incident

Charles Michel sought medical treatment after Princess Astrid pulled the trigger too close to him.

Princess Astrid of Belgium inadvertently forced her country’s prime minister to clear his schedule on Tuesday after a bizarre incident involving a starting pistol.

Charles Michel, 41, was stood slightly too close to the 54-year-old princess as she fired the gun to signal the start of the Brussels 20km road race on Sunday.

A photograph that’s now going viral shows Michel wincing as the gun noise rings out:

Michel reportedly brushed off the incident at first. 

But after consulting a doctor on Monday over a ringing in his ears, he was diagnosed with tinnitus.

He had to cancel all appointments Tuesday — including a speech in Parliament.

The Prime Minister must follow a number of treatments within 48 hours after this incident,” said Michel’s spokesman, Barend Leyts.

Belgium’s royal family has not yet commented on the incident.