Before You Start A Small Business, Here's What You Need To Consider

Tabatha Coffey has ascended to international stardom as a stylist, author, style icon, and host of her own Bravo reality show Tabatha Takes Over. Originally about helping struggling hair salons, the show now covers all varieties of small business. Watch Tabatha dish no-nonsense tips on hair and business in the clips above!

The one thing you need
In the clip above, Tabatha lays out her advice on what a small business needs most when it's getting started. And in this case, it's a simple four-letter word many of us are terrified of. "PLAN," says Tabatha. "A lot people can have a great idea, but if they don’t think about how long it takes to get the business off the ground, or if they have enough money to pay the utilities, or if they can make the personal sacrifice required, then they are in trouble," warns Tabatha. If you do have an idea, make sure you put the same amount of energy into the logistical side as you do the entrepreneurial side. Maybe you're trying to do too much yourself - there's nothing wrong with asking for help!

Watch the full interview with Tabatha Coffey here.

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