09/21/2016 12:01 am ET

11 Of The Greatest Cities For Living Abroad In 2016

See ya, U.S.A. 👋
Francesco Riccardo Iacomino via Getty Images

As summer fun cools down and fall routines heat up, it’s about the time of year when true wanderlust sets in. No longer are we looking for the next quick island escape: We want to live, work and thrive in cities that can support our careers as well as our insatiable travel bug.

In short, we want to move abroad. And we’re in luck, because plenty of recent reports on the topic herald many fabulous cities to choose from. 

The lineup below includes some of our favorite cities primed to be cheap for expats this year coupled with information from three major recent studies: HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer survey, for which nearly 27,000 respondents rate countries largely on the ease of balancing career with family life; Eurostat’s Urban Europe report, which meshes statistics with polls about quality of life; and the InterNations Expat Insider survey, which focuses on ease of settling in and making friends. 

Taken together, these resources make one eye-catching wish list for our next global hometown. Take a look, take your pick, and pack your bags!



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