01/31/2017 02:14 pm ET

This Couple Is Moving Abroad To Escape Trump. Here Are 11 Countries That Could Work.

See ya. 👋

Back when the idea of President Donald Trump seemed like a far-fetched giggle, many Americans said they’d leave the country if he ever took office.

Now, one couple is actually making good on their promise. Jeff and Denise Yeager are packing up their Accokeek, Maryland home and heading out on a trip around the world, the Washington Post reports. 

”When the devastation of the election hit, we thought, ‘Let’s just leave and travel, travel, travel and see where it takes us,’” Jeff Yeager, a writer and “die-hard liberal,” told the Post. “I’m committed to being out of the country for just as long as we can.”

We can’t say we blame them. It’s important to stay sharp and stay involved wherever you live ― especially if you’re in the U.S. right now. But there’s also nothing stopping people who are able to do it from avoiding the Trump administration as much as possible. 

The Yeagers said they aren’t sure exactly where they may settle yet. Read their story at The Washington Post, and check out some top options: