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The 10 Best Restaurants In The U.S., According To TripAdvisor

America the beautiful. 🍴

It's tricky to name the best fine-dining restaurants in the U.S.: There's food, and there's price, and then there's ambiance to consider. 

And nobody knows how to judge all three like a traveler does. TripAdvisor has released a nomad-vetted list of the top fine-dining restaurants in the United States, after analyzing thousands of reviews from savvy travelers around the world. The restaurants range from iconic mainstays, like NYC's Le Bernardin, to more off-the-beaten-spoon spots, like a swanky eatery near Disney World in Florida.

Prepare to eat GREAT food, no matter where you roam. The best fine dining in the U.S. is found at...

  • 10 Pappa Bros. Steakhouse in Dallas, Texas
    Visitors say <a href="
    Visitors say this classy Texan establishment serves "some of the best steak they've ever had."
  • 9 Daniel in New York, New York
    Meals here&nbsp;aren't cheap, but&nbsp;on a special occasion it's <a href="
    Meals here aren't cheap, but on a special occasion it's worth every penny.
  • 8 Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California
    Funky little Berkeley is home to a French-American winner with "<a href="
    Funky little Berkeley is home to a French-American winner with "exceptional" food, as travelers say.
  • 7 Canlis in Seattle, Washington
    A <a href="">gor
    A gorgeous, mid-century modern building sets the stage for even more gorgeous food. 
  • 6 Victoria & Albert's in Orlando, Florida
    Yes, <a href="">it'
    Yes, it's in Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. But once you taste the desserts, you'll get over it. 
  • 5 Halls Chophouse in Charleston, South Carolina
    Steak and seafood are the names of the game at&nbsp;an&nbsp;epic&nbsp;<a href="
    Steak and seafood are the names of the game at an epic Southern Sunday brunch.
  • 4 Uchi in Austin, Texas
    "<a href="">I never knew food could
    "I never knew food could be SO great," raves one guest of this full-service sushi bar.
  • 3 Le Bernardin in New York, New York
    It's an iconic New York spot that <a href="
    It's an iconic New York spot that does NOT disappoint.
  • 2 Alinea in Chicago, Illinois
    The <a href="">tasting menu</
    The Washington Post via Getty Images
    The tasting menu is part artwork, part epicurean adventure and all parts awesome. 
  • 1 Bouley in New York, New York
    <a href="">Visit Bouley
    Visit Bouley during the holidays for an experience that's truly classic.

But if NEW restaurants are more your vibe...

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