Bill Maher's First 'New Rules' Of 2012: ''Not Romney' Is An Even Bigger A**hole Than Romney' (VIDEO)

After hosting his first panel of the year and even interviewing Herman Cain via satellite, Bill Maher wrapped up his first "Real Time" of 2012 with a fresh batch of "New Rules" and a look back at all the important political stories that occurred since his last show of 2011.

Maher's new rules cover everything from North Korea's new dictator Kim Jong Un to Justin Bieber's Jesus tattoo to the fact that from now on, all of Liam Neeson's movies must be titled "I'm going to hunt you down and kill you." But the real phenomenon Maher needed to recap was the GOP presidential race, which looked more like "speed-dating in a mega church" before he went on break -- and now looks more like The Mitt Romney Show.

For instance, what happened to Newt Gingrich? Just over a month ago he was the GOP's "it" girl for 2012, and now he's been left behind. According to Maher, Gingrich now knows what it feels like to be one of his wives.

Watch the full segment above to hear Maher catch up on the rest of what he missed in politics, from President Obama pulling troops out of Iraq to the Iowa Caucuses and the inexplicable Santorum "surge" that followed. In the end, he realizes how the GOP came to their predictable Romney conclusion:

"Republicans have tried on every pair of pants in the store," Maher explained. "And they keep finding out that 'Not Romney' is an even bigger a**hole than Romney."