11/28/2017 06:25 am ET

Billy Baldwin Has More To Say About Trump Hitting On His Wife

The actor says he resents the president's "hypocrisy."

Actor Billy Baldwin on Tuesday further addressed his claim that President Donald Trump once hit on his wife at a Manhattan hotel. 

Baldwin said in a tweet that he was not “pissed” at the president for making an advance on his wife. 

“Honestly... my friends thought it was a riot at the time,” Baldwin wrote in a Twitter message posted early Tuesday. “Everybody flirts... I got no problem with that.”

But Baldwin said he does resent the president for criticizing Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), who faces allegations from four women who say the former comic groped and sexually harassed them.

“I resent the hypocrisy of Trump pointing the finger at Al Franken while 16 women have accused HIM of sexual assault,” Baldwin wrote. 

Multiple women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, and he was recorded bragging about sexual assault in the infamous “Access Hollywood” videotape. Reports surfaced over the weekend that Trump has been questioning the authenticity of the tape, even though he previously apologized for his comments and dismissed them as “locker room talk.”

Last week, Baldwin hit back at the president’s eldest son, who also criticized Franken for the sexual harassment allegations. He called the president a “5th degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations.” Baldwin said Trump once showed up uninvited at a party he hosted and hit on his wife. 

Baldwin has been married to Chynna Phillips, of the band Wilson Phillips, since 1995. They have three children together.



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