Bobby Joe Long Admits To More Than 50 Rapes, 10 Murders On 'Killer Profile' (VIDEO)

"Killer Profile" took a look at serial rapist and murderer Bobby Joe Long in their latest episode, but the story perhaps more importantly tells the powerful tale of courage and strength displayed by Long's last victim, Lisa McVey Noland.

Noland was 17-years old when Long abducted her in the mid-1980s. She used reverse psychology to orchestrate her escape after he'd been torturing and raping her over a period of 26 hours. After making her escape, she helped authorities capture him.

Long admitted to torturing and raping McVey, along with more than 50 other women. He also confessed to ten different murders. All in all, Long was sentenced to death row, but has been using appeals for 25 years to delay his execution.

McVey took that experience and became a Sheriff's deputy as her day job. She also travels the country as an inspirational speaker, and has written a book about her experiences. And she'd like the chance to talk to Bobby Joe Long again.

"I want him to see the person I am, how strong I am," she said. "That he didn’t damage me."

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