Breastfeeding With A Suitcase

10/10/2016 05:27 pm ET

Being a breastfeeding mother is an empowering experience. The thought that your baby’s growth and nourishment are coming directly from your body is a unique accomplishment. Having that type of power can make you feel like superman, rather superwomen. However, the society we live in today does not allow most women to remain at home to primarily care for the children. Instead, many women are getting back in work sooner and sooner. The challenge then becomes how to maintain breastfeeding while juggling your career. It can constitute a problem, but if committed enough, all concerns can be solved.

Know Your Rights

Before heading back to work, you must refresh yourself on what your job can and cannot legally do. For example, your job must offer you a secure place to pump, which has a lock on the door and that is not a bathroom. Not providing this for you is against the law. It is your right to maintain your feeding method, so don’t allow your employer to dictate your options unlawfully.

When Will You Pump

A big concern for mothers coming back to work is when you will pump. You will likely have to pump every two to three hours if you have opted to return within the first few months of the birth of your child. This can be difficult to manage, especially if you are in a leadership role or have a position in a hectic area. It is essential that you work out a plan with your boss to ensure you will be allotted this time. Don’t be shy, or you will not have enough milk for your little one once you arrive home.

Storing Your Breast Milk

After pumping your breast milk, you must have a place to keep it cooled in order for it to maintain the nutrients and so that it doesn’t spoil. Now, you could leave it out for up to four hours before you would need to pour it out. However, being at work, you need to know that you are properly storing the milk so your little one will have the freshest milk possible. You can keep the bottles of breast milk in a smaller cooling bag with an ice pack. Numerous breast pumps come with this feature. Also, you can store the milk in a lunch bag and leave it in the refrigerator at your job.

It Can Be Done

Breastfeeding while being a working mother doesn’t have to be impossible. Many women give up on breastfeeding because they believe that it is impossible to do while working, or that it will be too complicated. With some planning and discussion with your boss, it is possible to carry on with breastfeeding your baby, even in the busiest of jobs.

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