09/03/2018 02:10 pm ET

Brie Larson Works Out With Alison Brie And It's (Captain) Marvelous

Twitter users loved seeing the "Captain Marvel" star working out with the "G.L.O.W." actress.

Looks like Brie Larson is bringing out the big guns to play Captain Marvel in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Or so we’re guessing based on a photo the Oscar-winning actress posted on social media Monday that showed her (on the right) working out with “G.L.O.W.” star and sort-of-name-sharer Alison Brie.

Larson even honored the moment by coining a new name for herself and her workout buddy.

The photo inspired all sorts of excited reactions from fans of both Bries.

One fan wanted to make things perfectly clear to people unfamiliar with these two actresses.

Some had questions. Lots of questions.

The photo drove one guy to offer Marvel a casting suggestion for a future film.

Another summed up the overall feeling with a slightly cheesy pun.



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