06/28/2017 06:00 pm ET

10 Cards That Will Make Your Introvert Crush Totally Swoon

"We should get together and cancel plans on other people."

You have to play your cards just right if you want an introvert to fall in love with you. Skip the fancy reservation at a new restaurant where people only want to be seen. Your introvert crush would probably much rather stay in with you, Netflix and an order from their favorite takeout place. 

Illustrator Josh Higgins clearly knows the way to an introvert’s heart. On his Instagram account Introflirted, the-30-year-old from Houston, Texas pens sweet little cards any introvert would be happy to receive, like this one about the joys of party-skipping: 

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Or this one, about the introvert version of Netflix and chill:

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Higgins is a single guy himself and though he told HuffPost he identifies as an ambivert ―  the personality type that falls somewhere between an introvert and an extrovert ― he tends to be shy when it comes to dating and relationships.

“I’ve definitely been on a date where we’ve watched Netflix together one night and it took me a few hours of Netflix to realize they probably were waiting for me to make a move and a few more hours to work up the courage to do it,” he said. 

See more of Higgins clever cards below and follow him on Instagram for even more.