11/15/2018 06:43 am ET

Chris Cuomo Shows How Donald Trump's Voter Fraud 'Offal' Likely Came From Infowars

“The only thing anything like it is this tripe from Infowars," the CNN host said of Trump's latest falsehood.

President Donald Trump’s “latest offering of offal” about voter fraud drew sharp criticism from CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Wednesday night.

The “Cuomo Prime Time” host said Trump’s baseless allegation that some people donned disguises in order to vote multiple times actually came from Alex Jones’ far-right conspiracy theory-promoting website Infowars.

“The only thing anything like it is this tripe from Infowars,” said Cuomo. “Now before you say ‘how could you even mention Infowars?’, remember the White House used doctored video from those fools to make a false case against a CNN reporter.”

Check out the full clip here: