04/27/2017 09:52 am ET

Here's 'Bachelor' Star Chris Soules' 911 Call From The Scene Of Fatal Crash

The former "Bachelor" star is heard checking for a pulse on the victim, who later died.
Chris Soules has been arrested on the charge of fleeing the scene of a deadly crash. 
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Chris Soules has been arrested on the charge of fleeing the scene of a deadly crash. 

Audio has made its way online of former “Bachelor” star Chris Soules calling 911 from the scene of a deadly crash in Iowa on Monday night. 

In the audio, first posted by TMZ, Soules, 35, can be heard explaining to a dispatcher that he “rear-ended a guy in a tractor,” throwing both the tractor and the man into a ditch.

Soules, who provides his name in the audio, told the dispatcher that the victim was “not conscious” and didn’t appear to be breathing. Later, he said the victim had blood coming from his mouth but that he could feel a pulse.

The dispatcher asked Soules to “stay on the phone with me” and whether he knew CPR, which Soules said he did not. Later, someone can be heard trying to give the victim what sounds like CPR. 

“You guys are on your way?” he asked near the end of the call.

When the dispatcher said yes, he then asked, “Can I call you back really quick?” She said yes. He then hung up. 

Soules allegedly fled the scene soon after the call, but witnesses identified him to police, who eventually located and arrested Soules on the charge of leaving the scene of a fatal crash.

TMZ has obtained documents that show police believe Soules, who was reportedly initially uncooperative with authorities, possessed alcoholic beverage containers at the time of the crash. 

The 66-year-old victim, Kenneth E. Mosher, was taken via ambulance to a hospital and later died as a result of the injuries he sustained.



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