People Google Some Weird Questions About Clinton And Sanders

Of course, the questions about Clinton are kind of sexist, too.
Hillary Clinton was said to clinch the Democratic nomination Monday night.
Hillary Clinton was said to clinch the Democratic nomination Monday night.

If you need further evidence that this is the weirdest election in American history, look no further than Google.

Trends data from the search engine reveal that Americans have some oddball -- and decidedly unpolitical -- queries about the Democratic candidates.

For each candidate, the most popular search query is about which actor plays them on "Saturday Night Live." Relevant!

But things get worse for Clinton. The data show that people want to know what Donald Trump calls her. They also ask what she weighs -- obviously a policy-related question frequently lobbed at male candidates, right?

In California, where a primary is happening Tuesday, Googlers ask how old Clinton is and whether she plans to drop out of the election. (She has secured enough delegates to clinch the nomination, the Associated Press reported Monday, so that's probably not happening.)

Beyond the SNL question, people want to know if Sanders is rich and whether he's still running for office. (Ouch.) In California, they ask if he's a vegan.

Google data is an interesting way to get a candid look at what people are wondering. Think about how you use the search engine: Perhaps you've Googled a medical symptom you were too embarrassed to ask someone about? Or maybe you've double-checked some gossip on a celebrity. The filter between your brain and that little search bar is pretty thin, is the overall point. 

As for whether the vegan base will ultimately fall in line behind Clinton -- only time will tell.