07/12/2017 10:18 am ET

Colbert Apologizes To Eric Trump: ‘We Thought You Were The Dumb One’

He also pulled out a fake smoking gun as he recapped Donald Trump Jr.'s emails about a Russia meeting.

Stephen Colbert opened his show on Tuesday night by saying he was still excited from the news of the day, which involved Donald Trump Jr. tweeting out an email exchange showing he agreed to a meet with a Kremlin-linked lawyer in 2016 because he was told she could provide him with damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

The “Late Show” host recapped Trump Jr.’s emails, described the president’s son as a “flaming douchebag,” and pulled out a smoking gun prop. Then he said he wanted to issue an apology to Trump Jr.’s younger brother, Eric. 

“We always thought you were the dumb one,” Colbert said. “We were wrong.”

Watch the entire monologue in the video above.



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