Color Me A Rainbow


"Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?
Can one really explain this? No.
Just as one can never learn how to paint."

~ Pablo Picasso

The scene is set. Cameras are ready to roll; models are standing by behind the tall ruby red velvet curtains; the hall is packed. Everything is in place for yet another legendary catwalk presentation from St. Pucchi. The majestic curtains part and blue light floods the stage, shining on the white gleaming runway as the music reaches its crescendo...

Bridal and evening dresses in hues of lilac, blush, butterscotch, gold and tiffany blue are shown along with shades of white and ivory. Models leisurely stroll down the runway as gasps from the audience fill the air.

That, my dear readers, describes one of the scenes from my myriad runway shows in Milan and New York. More than thirty years in the fashion industry has taught me a few things.

One of which is the importance of color.

I was the first U.S. designer to showcase color in bridal wear when I launched my premier couture collection, St. Pucchi in Dallas, Texas in 1985. Not a single bridal gown was in white. Even back then I knew the importance of color and how color can influence our moods, our emotions and our state of mind. From the colors I use on dresses in my collections, to backdrops in both my photo shoot campaigns and on stage, the stationary and my logo, as well as in my creative space and showrooms, I am always mindful as to how it impacts my surroundings, my creativity, my audience, and their buying decisions.

It has often been said that color influences how we feel, how we think and how we behave. Even our appetite is influenced by color, and the body responds to colors it needs for optimum health.

Have you noticed how being in certain surroundings can irritate you, while others can be relaxing and peaceful? Our emotions are affected by color, which also influences our physical and mental state. Because the conscious and the subconscious mind responds to the world of color, it is important that we consciously work with colors that will allow us to achieve peace and happiness, health and success, and above all, joy in our lives.

Here is a brief list of some colors and what each signifies. Colors can be either warm or cool, and certain tones or shades may evoke a different mood and result in quite different meanings.

Violet (Purple/Indigo): Royalty, wealth, prosperity, sophistication, respect, ambition, creativity, success, mystery, spirituality, healing, calming, wisdom. This is a great protective color as it connects with our intuition and psychic abilities and enhances transformation.

Blue: Calmness, serenity, care, cooperation, power, reliability, loyalty, dignity, harmony, balance, compassion, security. Blue can stimulate creativity and helps us be productive and boosts performance. It curbs appetite, and also seems to be the color most preferred by men.

Green: Comfort, compassion, empathy, health, progress, efficiency, prosperity, generosity, freedom, fertility, faith, adventure. The color green allows us to let go of old pain and grudges and creates space for acceptance of others and ourselves. It promotes inner tranquility and invites us to trust more.

Yellow: Happiness, optimism, warmth, friendship, intelligence, innovation, inspiration, power, alertness. The color yellow helps boost our confidence and our outlook on life with positivity, and provides direction and determination when needed. It increases metabolism and is known as the happiest color in the color spectrum.

Orange: Communication, determination, independence, motivation, generosity, domination, competence, change, charisma. The color orange excites the brain and boosts enthusiasm. It allows us to accept our feelings and helps nourish one's self and brings joy as well as stabilizes emotions.

Red: Alertness, charm, aggression, courage, domination, eccentricity, energy, rebellion, sensuality, passion, desire, luck. The color red also helps energize and rejuvenate us when we are tired, and stimulates appetite. It can be a powerful manifesting color and gives us courage for a new beginning. Nothing says sexy like a tasteful dress in red. And of course, red roses symbolize love.

Black: Power, authority, intelligence, strength, evil, aggression, death, mourning. The color black is often associated with sophistication by fashion designers and is considered a slimming color to wear.

White: Innocence, emptiness, peace, sterile, purity, cleanliness, spaciousness, neutrality. The color white reflects the full force of spectrum of all colors. It is also used as a color of death or mourning in certain religions.

Gold/Silver: Gold implies wealth, glamor, wisdom and love, while Silver evokes security and style. Both are associated with upscale items such as jewelry, clothing and appliances. These metallic colors are often used as accents.

As we explore the beautiful world of color, let us all become purposeful in introducing the ones that impact us in the most positive way, and integrate the right colors into our daily lives for maximum joy and harmony.

"Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colors;
Let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow."

~ Kahlil Gibran

© Rani St. Pucchi, 2016
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