Community Helps Black Chicago Eats Week Take City by Storm

08/09/2016 07:50 am ET

Did you know there are more than 150 Black-owned eateries in the Chicagoland area? Well, many in Chicago did not know either. That’s why, after a dare, Toure Muhammad eventually launched Black Chicago Eats Week (July 29 thru August 12) which is in recognition of Black Business Month and to celebrate the official launch of BlackChicagoEats

Black Chicago Eats Week gives
 local foodies and visitors an opportunity to discover incredible Black owned eateries. This initiative began last summer when his other website created buzz around a list of Black owned restaurants and eateries in the Chicago area. People were shocked to discover 95 locations.

Mad Tacos expressed an increase in business during Black Chicago Eats
Toure Muhammad
Mad Tacos expressed an increase in business during Black Chicago Eats

“I was challenged to create a list of Black owned restaurants in Chicago and was shocked at the amount. I thought maybe 20 to 30 restaurants, but we are nearing 200 Black owned places to eat breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and dessert,” said Toure Muhammad. “These restaurants, bakeries and eateries not only serve food, but provide jobs in our community.”

Since the launch, consumers have been exploring eateries throughout the city and surrounding suburbs and experiencing Black Chicago’s rich, culinary diversity. The idea is so popular that a local TV station said that “Black Chicago Eats is taking the city by storm.”
Some participants have taken ownership of this initiative by organizing their own “money mobs” at restaurants including Mad Tacos located 306 E. 75th Street and at Salaam Restaurant located 706 E. 79th St.
One of the “pop ups” included attending a weekly event held by Turkey Chop 3506 W. Chicago Ave. where every Monday, from 1pm to 3pm, they serve the need free meals. August 1 marked their 75,000 free meal served.
Additionally, individuals are showing their support by posting pics of their visits to Black-owned restaurants in the Chicago area.
There is still time to participate:
  1. Simply visit the
  2. choose a restaurant or two to visit
  3. post a pic with #BlackChicagoEats
Places already expressing a boost in purchases include Popup Dropoff, Brown Sugar Bakery, Mad Tacos, Turkey Chop, Pies N Cones, Peaches on 47 and more. 
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