Why This Woman Was 'Successful Yet Really Unhappy' (VIDEO)

Nisha Moodley runs the women's empowerment website Fierce, Fabulous and Free. But before she reached a state of self-acceptance herself, she had to come to terms with what was holding her back.

Moodley told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd that when she moved to New York to kickstart her career as a business and lifestyle coach, she quickly ended up working too much and realized she was "successful yet really unhappy."

"For years I really struggled with food addiction, with shopping addiction and even with workaholism, and I came to realize that those things were actually really just because I, like everybody else, have challenges in my life," Moodley said. "My challenges weren't that exceptional compared to anyone else's, but I was using those things as a means of coping, rather than finding other healthy ways of coping, healthy ways of thriving in the world."

Catch the full conversation at HuffPost Live HERE.



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