07/30/2015 10:44 am ET

Even Cristiano Ronaldo's Practice Moves Are The Epitome Of Cool

He's everything you wanted to be in high school and more.
PAUL CROCK via Getty Images

Just look at this man. Sure, it's just a guy doing a simple stretch, the same one I do in the morning to get my legs ready for a day of sitting down. But because it's Cristiano Ronaldo, the photo has unmistakable wafts of superiority coming off of it. 

Whether it's cranking out push-ups or finding iPhones, you just get the feeling that Ronaldo does even the most basic of things better than you ever could, which, fortunately for us commoners, is the same feeling he gives his Real Madrid teammates during routine warm-ups. Nobody is immune to Ronaldo-induced insecurities -- not even his all-star teammates. 

The latest example comes from China, where Ronaldo is playing on a team preseason tour. During practice, he controlled a sky-high pass and then flicked a no-look ball to a teammate while waving at the crowd. It was very chill, the epitome of cool. 

Is Ronaldo a showoff? Yes. Does the coolest footballer alive sometimes do uncool and vain things, like hiring a hairstylist for his wax statue? Yes. But such is life when you're already the coolest footballer alive. 

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