Cryptocurrency Genius Eddy Zillan Impacts Lives of Less Fortunate

05/22/2017 11:38 pm ET

Investing, a sport embodied by three words; tenacity, perseverance, and faith. Three words Eddy Zillan lives by, three words he stuck by as he made his fortune. From the young age of 16, he started trading cryptocurrencies riding out the trading bubble of both Ethereum and Bitcoin. He then topped out trades in excess of 2500% return on investment. Utilizing these new investment vehicles, Eddy has been able to live his dreams and teach his skills to hundreds of students from all walks of life.

Eddy invested the entirety of his savings from his bar-mitzvah money to his summer job as a tennis instructor, this accumulated to around $12,000 in savings. By the end of the year, Eddy had raked in over $300,000 in net gains. He had soon branched out to several different companies all earning an independent income, but how did he do that you may ask. Months before Eddy’s CryptoCurrency-investing, he had begun to read about banking transactions in the Financial Markets — discovering Blockchain Technology. Eddy researched applications of this technology and was going to apply it to use cases for many banks such as UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Wells Fargo. He soon realized that the investment opportunity in and of itself was a greater financial move than helping the banks themselves. Eddy had soon invested his entire savings into Ethereum. He started generating quick returns of 5-10% daily, previously unheard of in the investing world. He spotted trends between Bitcoin and Ethereum making it easy to track patterns between upturns and downturns of the volatile currencies. These strategies helped maximize potential returns. After investing this way for several months and taking advantage of a few market upturns Eddy turned $12,000 into $50,000. He soon realized he could share this knowledge with the world to benefit people in need.

Eddy founded the non-profit organization, Crypto-Currency Financial to spread the knowledge of the burgeoning Crypto-Currency Space. His organization sought out to teach many low-income individuals how to trade and adapt to these new financial technologies. He was on a mission to advance a part of society that had not been given the opportunity to this type of financial advancement and learning; he wanted to make a difference in other people's lives. He started by teaching people how to set up cryptocurrency trading accounts and how to use them due to their complex nature. After he took on a number of students, he realized it was time to take his nonprofit to the next level. It was no longer a phone call explaining how to set things up, instead, many custom videos on education about cryptocurrency, using the trading platforms, and even releases on his own personal trades. Eddy had taught over 100 students how to trade with cryptocurrency. In doing so, he had made a lasting impact on these people's lives. Students of his had finally gained some financial security opening an opportunity to a successful path.

Eddy had taken his knowledge, money and time and donated it to help those in need of financial help. He continues to profitably trade today and helps people not only in need but interested in learning. His societal impact on these people should speak to the thousands on Wall Street who indulge their wealth instead of helping the less fortunate and people who need an opportunity. He speaks that helping the less fortunate is fulfilling in its own regard. Not only is it remarkable that he could turn such a profit at a young age, but help and have an impact on as many people as he did.

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