11/10/2015 08:28 am ET Updated Nov 10, 2015

Here's What Cynthia Nixon Believes Is The 'AIDS Crisis Of This Generation'

"It's kind of a secret crisis that we've got to do much better at even acknowledging," she said.

Cynthia Nixon is proud of the political and social strides made by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in recent years, but she's quick to point out the work that still needs to be done.  

"I certainly think for the LGBT community, certainly trans stuff is an enormous thing right now," the 49-year-old "Sex and the City" star told HuffPost Live in an interview this week. Another issue, Nixon said, was "how many LGBT kids we have living on the street and doing sex work," which she called "the AIDS crisis of this generation."

"It's kind of a secret crisis that we've got to do much better at even acknowledging, much less doing something about it," Nixon, who is currently directing a gay-themed, Off-Broadway play, "Steve," said.

Much of the recent progress, she said, has put the LGBT community at risk of an identity crisis.

"It's also trying to figure out who we are now, because, wow, you turn around and the world looks different than it did," she said.  

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