Trevor Noah Has A Theory That Donald Trump Is Always High

"He forgets people’s names. He mixes up Iraq and Syria."

Trevor Noah thinks its strange that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is vehemently against the legalization of marijuana, especially if you consider the “Daily Show” host’s theory that the president is always high.

Noah provided very convincing evidence for his theory during Thursday night’s episode in recognition of 4/20, also known as “Weed Day,” where advocates celebrate the unofficial marijuana holiday.

The comedian also admitted to being high when he came up this idea, but  he insists his video footage of President Donald Trump only strengthens his argument.

“Hear me out. I think there’s strong evidence that the president is always high. He forgets people’s names,” Noah said, alluding to a typical stoner quirk. “He mixes up Iraq and Syria.”

Noah also brought up the time Trump claimed he was sending a very powerful “armada” to North Korea, but it was actually headed in the opposite direction.

“What do high people always do?” Noah asked. “They forget where they put things. And last week Donald Trump didn’t just lose his keys. He lost the Navy.”



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