03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dan Abrams Nails Rep. Jack Kingston On 'Lapel Pin' Hypocrisy

It remains idiotic to suggest that any of the people who are running for president lack the necessary patriotism to do the job, but in this great land of ours, we treasure the freedom of speech even though it attracts idiots by the score to emit idiotic sounding words from their idiotic cake-holes. One such cakehole was found last night on idiot U.S. Representative Jack Kingston (R-Clueless), who came on Dan Abrams' show to make a big fuss about how weird - and maybe how al-Qaeda-esque - it was that Barack Obama doesn't wear an American Flag lapel pin. Presumably, if Obama did decide to start wearing a lapel pin, Kingston would just say, "Okay, that's nice, but do you know all the verses to the Star Spangled Banner? Have you grown your own amber waves of grain? Would you prove your loyalty right now by making sweet and tender love to this bald eagle?" You just can't win with idiots. Unless of course, the idiot shows up WITHOUT WEARING HIS OWN RIDICULOUS LAPEL PIN.

Dan Abrams strikes a blow for everyone who isn't the stupidest person in the world, below:

ABRAMS: Isn't this pure sleaze, I mean, the notion to sort of attack Obama because he's not patriotic because his hands are down when the pledge of allegiance is being played.

KINGSTON: Well, I think there's just questions that the American people want to know about. When you listen to why he doesn't wear an American flag button, it's a very convoluted answer. I've been in politics and you have been around them for a long time, everybody wears them. From a mayor to a county commissioner to the members of Congress to the President. It's curious that suddenly, there's a guy who doesn't want to do it. Put that with the wife's comment, the first time in her adult life she's proud of America. You're running to be the number one cheerleader of the country, I think these questions aren't off limits.

ABRAMS: First, let me ask you: You're not wearing a lapel pin, are you?

KINGSTON: I will wear one and I have worn one.

ABRAMS: I had no idea you were going to show up without a lapel pin, but it seems kind of absurd you are saying his patriotism should be questioned because he's not wearing a lapel pin, then you come on not wearing one.

KINGSTON: Well, Dan, I don't follow that at all. I will be glad to wear one. Barack Obama says he won't wear one. You're probably not wearing one now, but you would you?

ABRAMS: Would I wear one at some time, I have worn one once.

KINGSTON: You know why these, you call them attacks, it's not, it's a banter back and forth. They have their hyper-sensitivity buttons on. It's like scratching fingernails on the black board when you say Barack Hussein Obama.

ABRAMS: Including his middle name is intentional, right?

KINGSTON: Absolutely.