Darwin's pain: Evan The Show

This interview was hella fun. We got the opportunity to sit down with Evan The Show and learn about his experience as an entertainer and media entrepreneur. There were laughs, memories and Major keys shared in this interview. As a millennial, we are always looking for ways to evolve. Evan shares how he was almost homeless at one point in his career and how he battled himself to get out the self-induced rut. You always hear about people who came extremely close to failure and the hardship that they faced in the meantime. Evan was able to turn that hardship into a championship ring.

Kasan and I met Evan some years ago online and reconnected recently to make this interview happen nd we really had a good time. I know you will too.

It’s not often that you meet a person who is so genuine and so talented. Definitely learned a lot and you will too no matter where you are in your journey.

TV host & On Air Personality from Newark, NJ. He is also an alumni of Arts High School & graduated from Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

As for his recent work, Evan is currently the host of MTV International's "Grossbusters", he's starred in an independent film called “Daily Hustle,” been featured in the TV Pilot "Gravedigger" and has hosted a long list of live events. Some of his influences include Nick Cannon, Ryan Seacrest, Jim Carrey and Steve Harvey.

Evan Spaulding hosts a brand new reality show about the messiest bedrooms across America – where he enters the rankest room – and forces the scuzzbuckets to change their ways for good.

Evan is the author of the audiobook Hope Addicts. Definitely a powerful listen that has the potential to seriously impact your career trajectory. This audio features Evan sharing his story of being shy, insecure and unmotivated to becoming the host of an international tv show on MTV. He obtains the charisma, high-energy and comedic chops to make any production pop!

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