David Letterman Has A Very Good Question For Anti-Trans Rights Advocates


David Letterman has kept a relatively low profile since retiring from late night television almost two years ago. But thanks to a new interview in New York magazine, the comedian is back and he’s apparently got a lot on his mind.

The sweeping conversation with writer David Marchese includes Letterman’s thoughts on everything from Trump, whom he refers to as “Trumpy” and calls “crazy,” to the ups and downs of living with a decidedly Walt Whitman-esque beard. But our favorite part of the interview might be how beautifully and succinctly he gets to the heart of the current controversy over transgender rights that’s currently coming to a boil in America.

When asked about “fellow Indianan” Vice President Mike Pence, Letterman brings up his alleged support of conversion therapy before turning his attention to lawmakers who are trying to pass anti-transgender bills.

“I just think, Are you kidding me?” Letterman said. “Look, you’re a human, I’m a human. We’re breathing the same air. We have the same problems. We’re trying to get through our day. Who the fuck are you to throw a log in the road of somebody who has a different set of difficulties in life?”

Is there really much more to say about the issue? We certainly can’t think of anything other than... we miss you, Dave.

Read the full interview here.



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